Frequently Asked Questions

What became of my school records / transcripts, etc. from my time at Grahm

They are now held by the University of Massachusetts, Amherst

What became of the Grahm Buildings?

The administrative offices and studios at 632 Beacon St. were converted to dormitories by Boston University.  Kenmore Hall and Wadsworth Hall are subsidized housing for senior citizens and Leavitt Hall is now the Hotel Buckminster.  See the Grahm history section for more information.

Are any of my old haunts still around?
Not in a form you would recognize any longer.

Virtually all of Kenmore Squares Night scene establishments have passed into history.  Pizza Pad a/k/a Kenmore Deli operated for years at the corner of Brookline Ave. & Commonwealth, feeding thousands of  Baseball fans and club goers until the wee hours, but now it's been replaced by a McDonald's. The famous Disco club Lucifers (later Narcissus) closed and is now a restaurant.  Pooh's Pub is also gone, and The Rathskeller, better known as "The Rat" which spawned many punk/new wave bands in the 70's and 80's closed in 1998. 

 Deli Haus, which once touted itself as the "Oldest restaurant in Kenmore Square" closed in December 2001 after over 40 years. 

In 2002, an entire block of Kenmore square buildings was demolished to make way for the new Hotel Commonwealth right next door to old Kenmore Hall.  Victims of the wrecking ball were Kenmore Pharmacy, Rathskellar, Strawberries (Discount Records), Paperback Booksmith, Relax-A-Bit, Souper Salad (The Fatted Calf) Dunkin' Donuts, Kenmore Barber shop and Kenmore Wine (supplier of many keg parties). 

In 2019, a significant part of the north side of the square was also demolished, (contstruction underway) to be replaced by a large high-rise.   Starting at the corner of Deerfield, the former record shop, Agean Fare, New England School of Photograpy and ending at the Kenmore Club/Lucifer/Narcissus night club have all been demolished.  Further down the block, Libbys is long gone.

The old academic building, 632 Beacon St. was purchased by Boston University and has been used as part of the adjacent Miles Standish residence hall.  The former basement studio space room configuration remained, but was used as study space last we checked in 2015.   We made a video of the that tour.

Leavitt Hall is now the Buckminster Hotel and a proposal to add a large expansion behind it, over the Turnpike has been approved.  Until recently, the first floor contained a Pizzaria Uno and a Popeyes.   Kenmore Hall is subsidised senior housing.  Adjacent to the Kenmore, the school library is now a used record shop.

At least the Citgo Sign is still there, although we weren't so sure about it's longevity when the building was sold.   A large public outcry and city government pressured the owner to preserve the sign.  The new high rise next to it was ostensibly designed so the the view of the sign in all directions is not impaired.  We'll see.

Read more about Kenmore Suare history, written by Bill Tarkulich '75

Is Grahm Street still in Kenmore Square?
The street is still there of course, but in 1980 the City of Boston removed the Grahm name and changed it back to Kenmore Street.  Since the Square was named after the street, it seemed the appropriate thing to do. 

Is Does "Kenmore" have anything to do with Sears Roebuck company? 

Highly unlikely.   While we have not determined solid proof of the origins of the street name, we do know that when city planners in 1891 laid out the street plan for the area, Kenmore Street was on their plan. Sorry.   Coincidentally, there is a hotel in Albany also named Kenmore, but apparently unrelated.

Why did Grahm close?
GJC was a victim of the "Perfect Storm" -End of the Vietnam war, a recession, excessive real estate costs, competition, financial aid variability, energy crisis, community colleges and no endowment.  Both strategically and operationally the school was not equipped to capably navigate the storm.  Alumni Bill Tarkulich '75 wrote an extensive history of the college  (published within this website) researching many public records and interviewing several former administrators, faculty and staff.   Read more about Grahm history.

Whatever became of Milton Grahm?
He retired as president about four years before the school closed.  He passed away at the age of 82 in December 1992.

How did Kenmore Square Get its name?
Funny you should ask.  It’s quite simple really.  Mayor Curley signed an order changing the name from Governor Square to Kenmore Square.  “Kenmore” was taken from the trolley stop “Kenmore Station”.  Kenmore Station took its name from the intersecting street, Kenmore Street.   It’s as simple as that. Bill Tarkulich wrote a lot more about it.

Is Eugene O'Neill buried in Kenmore Square?
No, but he did die there.  The late playwright lived for several years in the old Hotel Shelton on Bay State road.  He is buried in Forest Hills Cemetery in Jamaica Plain.

When is the next class reunion?
In June, 2020, in Boston.  Join us!